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What is the Frugal Zoomer?

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Hi everyone! I'm slightly sad to say that I'm part of the Zoomer generation -- you know, not quite a millennial or Gen-Z. I finished college during the Covid-19 pandemic, with Zoom classes/graduation/parties/interviews and a terrible economic downturn that has left many of us jobless and dreading another year at home. According to The Atlantic, job listings for new graduates are down 73% from March to May 2020.

This blog is born partially out of boredom. Like many of you, I graduated and am living at my parents' house, trying to pretend I'm an adult while wearing a mask and taking nightly walks with my mom around the neighborhood.

But more than that, I'm blogging because I finally found something I'm passionate about and want to make it more accessible to other people my age. I bought a couple finance books and realized how financially illiterate I am. After re-reading a personal finance textbook about five times and discussing it with everyone I know, I couldn't resist starting my own website to talk about it publicly.

Money is such a complicated, sensitive, awkward topic and I am so ready to TALK ABOUT IT. I want you all to come on my journey while I (hopefully) start a job, pay off debt, and save toward retirement. The point of this blog is two-fold: 1) To keep myself accountable by sharing with you all what I've done, and 2) To pass along the resources that I find.

I also hope that some of the information you find on here helps you on your own money journey, or at least makes you feel less alone.

So, welcome to my blog and get excited to learn about...

  • Finishing college

  • Starting a job

  • Paying off debt

  • How to save money and what investment vehicles to use

  • My favorite money tools and resources

  • My failures and successes to come

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